Boat GPS Tracking Kit


It's always a great time to grab the guys and girls in your crew and hit the water for a ski and a fish. The freedom and feel of being out on the water takes us away from our daily stresses, takes us to amazing places and makes new friends and fun memories. 

With 24/7 Live Tracking access, remotely activated 115db siren and highly intelligent functionality, you will rest assured knowing that your boat is protected with the absolute latest in GPS tracking technology that is currently available.

After a simple installation of this innovative kit, followed by a download of our brilliant Pro-tekt App, you will be able to instantly access your boats current and historical locations at the touch of a button.

With 24/7 Live Tracking capability, event notifications sent directly to your mobile phone and a few other clever functions for everyday use, you will rest easy knowing that Pro-tekt has got your ride covered, and there will never be a better time than now to get yours.

Get Pro-active, and get your gear covered today!

(Includes 1 month FREE subscription)

Key Features        

  • 24/7 Live Tracking Capability
  • Extremely Small 3G GPS tracker – Just 88x45x13 (LWH)
  • Easy to hide and install 12V Device
  • SIM card with data plan included in subscription cost
  • 64Mb Internal memory stores over 1000 positions if connectivity is lost         (all location data is uploaded once connection is re-established) 
  • 115db Remote Triggered Siren for accurate audible location
  • Powerful 66 Chanel GPS chip with AGPS /LBS positioning
  • 400mAh internal Backup Battery
  • IP65 Rated Protective Housing

      **Installation Required**

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